What are cache plugins for WordPress and why you must use them

For someone who hosts content on a WordPress-powered site, the amount of time it takes to load their webpage can be an important factor that affects the overall site-viewing experience.

For example, when a user accesses a WordPress-powered site, requests for information are sent on to the web host. These requests, in addition to those for content stored in the WordPress database, can be for images, JavaScript, and CSS. This is done dynamically, since WordPress is a database-powered platform, and therefore, a fresh page is loaded every time a visitor visits a WordPress-powered site.

All this adds up to time taken to send requests, receive information, and dynamically render the webpage. For “heavy” web pages, this can result in unacceptably long loading times, which in turn affect the overall usability of the website.

Cache plugins for WordPress allow faster page-loading times, thereby enabling a more seamless web-browsing experience. They do this mainly by creating “static” versions of webpages that are then rendered quickly to visitors.

In simpler terms, this means that when a user visits certain websites frequently, some content from that site is saved in a cache area so that when he/she revisits that site, the website loads faster since there is a reduced amount of information requested by the client’s browser, which is due to some of the information already being available in the cache.

There are many cache plugins, some of which are free, that enable faster page-loading times, but a review of all or even some of them is beyond the scope of this article. However, some of the top plugins reported are WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, Zen Cache, and Cache Enabler.

How To Improve traffic to your WordPress website

while making your WordPress looking good with a great Theme, choosing the perfect domain name and then making sure your WordPress website load fast – then you want your hard work will get some views and traffic – thus making you some well deserved revenue.

So how do you do that exactly? does the old saying – “if you built it they will come” does work?

The guys over at designrfix.com made a great blog post named
“Proven Ways to Improve Traffic of Your WordPress Blog ” and include some great tips to increase your blog traffic, lets look at some of the highlights:

There is no doubt that content is king, however, pages of seemingly endless texts and paragraphs tend to bore visitors. On the contrast, visual data is processed faster by the brain than text and has the potential to increase user retention on your website. Incorporating visuals like images, infographics, gifs, and videos into your posts and pages will help you attract a lot more attention and traffic and keep your visitors engaged along the way.

Website optimization is the key to getting more traffic. Using relevant keywords, image tags and descriptions will help you get featured on the first pages of search results and will ultimately bring more people to your website. If you’re not quite familiar with site optimization, give Yoast SEO a try. It will take proper care of your website optimization and help it get better rankings and more visitors.

Both advices above are crucial to get some visitors to check out your blog.
While having a well design WordPress theme (you can check out some cool themes here or here) is important, having really great content that your visitors will find valuable is the number 1 thing you need to take care of.

Learn how to write great blog posts  and make sure your visitors enjoy the content you bring them and feel it is “share worthy” and who knows , you next blog post could go viral – bringing your site thousands upon thousands of readers.

What are Portfolio WP Themes?

Whether you are a painter, photographer, or web designer, one of the constant things that you need is a portfolio. Design to display your portfolio themes and projects showcasing wonderful works. WP portfolio themes are the best way in order to show your artworks, photography, and any other visuals that you like to showcase.

With portfolios, you can create many different styles, shapes, and designs for your theme. It is very important for you to ensure that your works resonate with your target audience, pick up customers and clients. Using portfolio WP themes can help you in building a creative work for your site.

Useful Portfolio WordPress Theme Features 

The best WordPress theme portfolio can vary in the style of your presentation. Usually, they include similar features. And it is part in your decision process to choose the most unique portfolio WP theme with unique feature set. It allows you to choose and purchase the best portfolio theme for your site. It also let you to immediately compare creative choices. Some of the popular feature set includes:

  • Portfolio WP item descriptions
  • Masonry, list options, and grid
  • Dedicated page layouts
  • Slideshows
  • Galleries
  • Video background
  • Background and parallax sliders

These were just some of the many portfolio WP themes. You may have different taste and styles in creating your own site. But, these creative features can help you to choose the best portfolio theme.

3 Awesome Portfolio WordPress Themes

Having a site that looks decent and user-friendly is immensely crucial to draw attention of visitors and also convey your visitors to come again and again. These days, on the internet there are a broad range of WP themes accessible, and these themes are accessible at free of cost.

We glad to bring you today – 3 really cool portfolio based WordPress theme – to showcase your work or other things that will fit you needs.


If you want to comeup with a website,this is the perfect choice. It features a layout that makes you to show your portfolio with ease. Don’t get sad with its professional outlook, this theme is easily customizable and you are permitted to maneuver it a bit, when one prefers.


in addition to there is another ideal wordpress for business or some other cooperatives sites is this Chameleon.the above premium theme features varying codes combinations that surely make your website out standing among the rest. In addition to that, it makes you to personalise and organize your posts minus the hard codes. This one is the premium theme with the simplest user interface.

3.The Professional

The best-quality premium theme from beautiful Theme features a slide,that allows one to post their products, service, and many other. Best for business and sites, the theme accepts large photos that can definitely make your site attract people and looks very impressive. This customizable theme comes with some other color scheme as well as style formats that usually serve as the site’s blog to that of the business page.

How to Hide WordPress Page From Google – Quick guide

Did you know that it is possible for one to hide a wordpress page from search engines such as the Google? Well, sometimes you may want to keep your content private so as to prevent it from being used by other users or if you only want certain people to access it and therefore you can always hide it without even affecting your sites and search engine optimization in general.

Let’s look at the methods that one can employ to hide his or her word press from Google.

1. Hide word press from Google using Yoast SEO.

This is the first method we are going to look at. It is suitable for people who are venturing into word press as it is quite easy as well. What steps can you follow?

First of all, install the Yoast SEO and activate it as well.

After you have successfully installed and activated the application, then edit the web page that you wish to hide. How? Scroll down to the Yoast engine optimized meta box which is located below the post editor and then press the Advanced setting button.

The advanced settings section enables you to add the Meta tag robots to your page, and with the tag robot, you can command the SEO not to follow an individual page, click on no index which is found next to robots index. After that click on no follow which is next to Meta robots follow and you are ready to go.

2. Using robots.txt file.

This method is quite sensitive and requires one to add correct information failure to which it can highly affect your SEO site. The robot.txt is a configuration file that allows a writer to add their word press web page to the root directory and hence you can direct the site to give instructions for search engine bots.

To edit robots.txt, you can either use FTP client or file manager option which are both found in your WordPress hosting c-panel.

For you to successfully use robots.txt, you have to add user agents option and Disallow:/ your- page / that allows you to target specific bots. For example, if you want to hide a page that you have saved using a given URL, type the user agent, for instance, your name. And on the disallow part type the URL you don’t want to be accessed, then save your work and upload the robots.txt file back to the server you are registered with.

3. Hide WordPress using the password.

This is a common method that people use to provide privacy. You can use a password on your phone and computer as well. When it comes to the WordPress, all you have to is instead of asking the search engines not to show your page, and you can save your work using a password such that the people who have the password are the only ones who can access your page. How can you set up a password? First of all edit the content that you wish to protect then click on the edit link which is next to visibility option, in the publish meta box. This gives you various options one of them being on how to protect your content using a password. Then type in your password and you are ready to go.